Amy Fiawornu

My name is Amy Fiawornu. I am a registered Social Worker with a Masters degree in Gender studies, I also have a variety of training in various types of therapy. I obtained my Social Work degree from Carleton University with a minor in Psychology.

I later obtained a Master’s Degree specializing in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Ottawa. As well as working with neurodivergent people, some of my experiences include running workshops for youth struggling with addiction, counseling adults who struggle with addiction, and 3 years of experience working as a therapist for persons with ASD and ADHD.

My areas of interest and experience include but are not limited to working with and learning from…

  • Persons with ADHD/Autism themselves
  • Persons who experience gendered violence
  • Persons struggling with addiction
  • Parents with “difficult” children
  • Parents with Neurodivergent children
  • Persons dealing with racism or any kind of discrimination
  • Immigrants struggling to fit in and persons dealing with any form of diaspora
  • LGBTQ+ people struggling to cope in a heteronormative society


Selali is a mental health coach who has spent most of their life committed to public education, performance arts, and community building and organizing by curating experiences for people to celebrate themselves in fullness and safety.

As a neurodivergent person, Selali is intimately familiar with how difficult it can be to navigate seeking help for mental health while up against intersecting stigmas and systemic barriers.

As a coach, they are dedicated to helping you navigate life transitions practically while encouraging curiosity, building self-esteem, and improving self-confidence through compassionate self-acceptance.

Their areas of interest and experience are:

• Navigating academia and holistic support beyond the classroom
• Community and public education
• 2SLGBTQIA+ populations
• Neurodivergence and atypical manifestations of mental illness
• People who experience racialized violence
• People who experience gendered violence

Selali is passionate about helping people feel at home within themselves, reducing stigmas, and promoting work-life harmony and balance. They are also passionate about decolonizing mental health support services and practices, with an understanding that healing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour.

They are available for coaching sessions via video, phone, and text messaging support, as well as walking sessions.


My name is Zufishan, and I am a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s degree in Social Work. I obtained my Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees from McGill University.   Whether you’re struggling with your mental health, balancing parenthood and work, grieving, or looking for better ways to communicate with loved ones, I have the education and experience to be of assistance.

My approach to therapy is rooted in the belief that with the proper help we all have the capacity to heal and process our traumas safely and that there is always a tool out there that can help us cope with our struggles.

As a parent myself, I have experience working with other parents who are struggling with parenting issues.  I have a vast background working with immigrants and newcomers to Canada for over 15 years.  I have extensive experience running workshops and counselling youth, students, and adults. My area of interest and experience include but are not limited to working with and learning from…

  • Persons with invisible and visible disabilities
  • Immigrants and newcomers struggling with integration issues
  • Persons dealing with racism or any form of discrimination
  • Persons struggling with issues at work and career development
  • Persons struggling with depression and anxiety

"No one should hide and suffer alone. I will work with you to find the right type of therapy/remedy that uniquely works for you to help calm the storm in your mind."

- Amy Fiawornu

64 percent of any progress one makes in therapy has to do with the relationship one has with the therapist. This is why finding the right therapist is very important.

I believe you have the strength and the power to figure it all out.  I am here to help guide you to find what will work best to help calm your mind.

If you want a therapist that will patiently work with you to find what works for your unique situation then look no further to calm your mind. If you are struggling to regulate your emotions, find joy in the simple things in life, you’re impulsive with inadequate coping skills, or would like to learn more coping strategies to cope with the challenges in your life, I am willing and ready to help.